Psychic Meatloaf

I love Psychic Meatloaf:journal of contemporary poetry purely because George Mckim,editor, designer and core artist selects some of the most interesting writing  I have ever seen in one magazine. He is the only person who (I suppose) was daring enough to publish my  "Jar#[8]" and "Jar#[1]"  poems from my 'Collection of Jars'. You should just see this book, it is an amazing example of what my generation of poets is doing now. Poets like Raul Alvarez with his poem PAUL TIBBETS Ezra Dan Feldman with his poems "Signal,Entente ", "IF" and "FI" Lori Lamothe with "The physicist at the clinic." I feel so, very honored to have been included in such a wonderful conglomeration of poets. There are so many other poets to mention in this collection, I would recommend that anyone interested in the more experimental side of words go here and order a hard copy of the journal, to get the real feeling that this collection offers or read it on line for free.