Aesbesto boots

After six years of quiet reside, plagued by the gut rot, boot rot and many other cancerous attachments to my psyche, I released a few prose poems into the public eye. Rat suit (which had earlier i.e: [Olympia, Washington] had been released as a business card poem) was again released at aesbestos boots on beatnick feet, a  blog written by many of the surrealist and Avant Garde poets of my generation.
'In the writing room' refers to the fact I had built an area I called the writing room in our house on The west side of Olympia.
Years after-word I wrote Kill the fingers, kill the clock in a very violent style while squatting in a mansion outside of Portland, Oregon. I sat down across from my friend (who weaves necklaces) very cracked out, high on caffeine and slammed it out in a sketch book I had obsessively carried around.
I believe asbestos boots is a blog derived out of Poland.