The stone slide corrective, a publisher for books has put a piece I wrote on their website, you
can read it by going here: Tonalli's Donut shop
Also, Vapid kitten VK7  is coming out soon and they put my poem rat suit in the publication.
Order VK7 (when it comes out in a couple weeks)  here : Vapid Kitten media
pretty cool stuff.
Psychic Meatloaf is coming out with issue 5, which is going to include a three page poem I wrote, title
"Slow opening" you can order your copy of it here (when it comes out): Psychic meatloaf.
Trigger fish, a critical review is going to be publishing (3) of my poems in their next issue, (#9) you can check out Trigger Fish by going here: Trigger fish 
And this summer Negative suck is putting two of my poems on their website, you can check them out here: