Psychic meatloaf

I love Psychic Meatloaf : journal of contemporary poetry purely because George Mckim, Its editor, designer and core artist selects some of the most interesting writing pieces I have ever seen in one magazine. He is the only person who (I suppose) was daring enough to publish my pieces "Jar#[8]" and "Jar#[1] from my poem Collection of Jars. You should just see this book, it is an amazing example of what my generation of poets is doing now. Poets like Raul Alvarez with his poem:
PAUL TIBBETS Ezra Dan Feldman with his poems "Signal,Entente ", "IF" and "FI"
Lori Lamothe with "The physicist at the clinic." I feel so, very honored to have been included in such a wonderful conglomeration of poets. it is always a great honor to appear in a magazine, but this is by far one of the more artist fueled, artist minded productions I have seen with my own work included. I can't wait to see what issue five is going to look like.