Performance text issue ten

Mail 1979 by Tom Cassidy
Karawane magazine published my poem 'Pace makers and cigarettes' under pseudonym Bison Kiln in issue ten .
You can download the PDF of the whole magazine on the Karawane website

"Karawane, or the Temporary Death of the Bruitist is a journal of experimental performance texts, including avant-garde spoken word poetry, plays, performance art texts, and more!  We started publishing in 1997 with our first issue out in 1998.  We have published erratically, but have tried to get an issue out roughly once a year. 

Until recently, we have been publishing in paper copies, but like so many journals, to cut costs we have decided to go online.  Each issue of the magazine will be available online for free for one year and after that will be retired.  We're still going to publish the journal in PDF form for now, so you can download copies of the entire journal.  This feels the most like reading a regular journal and you can print it out page for page like a regular journal.  This is our compromise for now between a paper and online journal.

Issue #10 has been out for a little while but is only now available online (see below).  Look for issue #11 in winter 2010.  Our theme for that issue will be hidden performances.  Send us your hidden performances, reflections on hidden performances, etc.  You can also go ahead and send us any other work you think is worthy!  Deadline for issue #11 will be October 15th, 2010.

Happy reading and joyful performance!"