top right: I had been experimenting with collage on the whole trip to Austin and finally had a place to sit down and do it, this piece was created on one of the nights at the hookah lounge, one of the girls currently working there had a craft night where we could kick back and make stuff.
This is one of those, built from crayon, markers, pencils, what have you.
Left photo: Graffitti on washer and dryer (on our way to austin texas, we stopped to pan handle for gas, it was Brion, Luke and myself, Brion with the gas can and Luke and I explored this old house near the gas station and found these old washers and dryers, i did the tags on them and the photograph.)

My home park got turned upside down
Left: An inverted picture of GRESHAM main city park after the construction on the old play area.

Sketch from one of my journals
that I tried to use for a book I was trying to publish.
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  1. Here, we have a foot step on side walk downtown portland, 2009. Photograph for pattern study of painting.I like the way it seperates in four places here.

This place was really cool, Luke and Brion found it out in the middle of the dessert, on our way to Austin, Texas. We painted the pole there, you can kind of see it. The next day, we came back for these photographs and workers had found our handy work and they were not happy, ended up tellin' us to fuck off.